College Education
Our college education services primarily include college test preparation, overseas test preparation, and English language learning. Our courses target college students and working professionals preparing for standardised tests or seeking to improve their English language proficiency. These students usually have specific learning objectives, and our courses in this segment are presented in a combination of live streaming and pre-recorded formats to maximise the efficient delivery of our content. Our services in the college segment were launched in 2005 and are provided through Koolearn and Koo platforms. In FY2020, we had 942 thousand student enrolments in the segment, representing 33.0% of our total student enrolments.
K-12 Education
Our K-12 education services comprise after-school tutoring courses which cover the majority of standard school subjects from primary to high school in China, and we offer preparation courses designed for standardised college and high school entrance exams. Leveraging our expertise in K-12, in 2017, we launched our innovative DFUB courses, a location-based live interactive tutoring service targeting students in lower-tier cities where offline infrastructure may not be as convenient and there is growing demand for an effective online platform accessible anytime, anywhere. In FY2020, we had 1,856 thousand student enrolments in the segment, representing 65.1% of our total student enrolments.
Pre-school Education
Our pre-school education segment offers child-friendly online educational content delivered through our Donut English-learning and child education apps. We launched our Donut app series in 2012 and in FY2020, we had 54 thousand student enrolments in the segment, representing 1.9% of our total student enrolments.
Institutional Customers
We offer educational content package to schools and institutions in China based on content modules from our college as well as K-12 education courses. Our institutional customers include universities, public libraries, public sector organisations, as well as telecom operators and online video streaming service providers.
Associated Companies
We are open to business cooperation to expand our business fields.
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